buy a bike for a poor kid

I just heard from my wife about a poor kid in one of her classes (she teaches 7th grade)who hasn't had any gifts under the tree in two years.

The teachers took up a collection for him and got him a couple pairs of jeans...

I went out and for only 200 bucks got the kid a BMX bike and helmet!!!

Nothing like a bike under the tree!

and it feels really good!!!!

Start a new tradition and get a kid you dont know a bike

It goes along way this time of year.


That's totally cool. Everybody should give more of themselves!!! I hope you have an awsome Christmas and safe new year!!

God Bless


Your wife is an educator? That's great! Here in NC, I work as a guidance counselor at an elementary school. We sponsored some 50+ needy children this year and also some residents at a nursing home to the tune of around $4,000. I myself contributed around $175. I bought two kids trick scooters + protective gear. It really is better to give than receive! Happy holidays to all!

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