VM 26 on a TTR150

Has anyone had any luck making one of these carbs work? I think i have tried every combination of jets and needles known to man and i just cant seem to get it right. No matter what i do it has a dead spot of the bottom.

I am using a Takegawa version on my Ttr 150 and has been the best carb I have run and I have tried them all, Keihn 26, crf 230, crf 150, TM 24 bored to 26 and a VM 24. Nothing seemed to have the snap the VM 26 did. Also, i'm not sure if the Takegawa runs different internals than the standard Mikuni. I do know it runs the same needle as the Sudco version, which I believe is a #75.

My jetting specs are 20 pilot, 210 main, clip 1 up from the bottom.

Thanks for the help and info do you have the high flow BBR air filter in yours ? i also put 5  1in push in filters in the door and the left side of the air box as well as cut the top out i hope i did not screw it up by putting in the push in's. I will check the 2 needles i have tonight.

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