2014 Yoshimura VS FMF

Has anyone tried both or have any opinions on them? Im only after the slip on version. Was going to get a stainless Yoshi slip on and now considered the anodised titanium with carbon end cap. The FMF is slightly cheaper though.


Any recommendations?

fmf, easy choice

Find has better customer support

Yosh for sure. Haven't tried both (I can't imagine many TT member have yet at this point) but Yosh is supporting Geico as well as factory Honda. Just my 2cents.

FMF all the way yoshi is for street bikes

I have found from personal experience,  FMF (even titanium) cans hold up better than Yosh and PC. Not the header though.


We have a FMF TI single (with SS MB header) on our 13 450,  @ 40hrs and its fully intact and in excellent condition. We've gone though 2 ti headers and I finally threw in the towel and got SS. One of the headers was mashed in a crash, the other broke at the head mount with very little time.

in comparison, we have a 12 450 with full Yosh RS4, and the sub frame mount is broken (all the 450's break there) and CF end cap ready for replacement at 53 hours.

We had a Kaw  a few years back with a full PC ti system and that system fell apart in a very short time.

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get the fmf! I have a yoshi to and its been mint so far but everyone with a honda has a yoshi exhaust

Thanks for the feed back guys im going to go with the FMF. 

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