Broken bolt and bolt housing on clutch hub......

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Not sure things could get much worse today....I had my torque wrench set to 30 in lbs, and God only knows somehow somehow I didn't have the spring in that one it was laying on the floor. I'm so meticulous with crap too....

Anyways, I will be getting a new clutch but could I easy out that and shim it up with an extra washer or two to match the size of the housing that broke off? My new decomp lever should be in tomorrow and I need to get the bike back together and see if that is my initial issue before I pull the motor an crack te case when I can still get some life out of it. Is a new hub my only option?

Replace the part with a new one.

I'd also order a new lock washer for the nut at the clutch center.

I'd also order the correct holder tool so you can get the old one off and the new one on (and properly torque the center nut while installing it) without wrecking the new one in the process.


By the way, your clutch pics in your other thread look fine, except I'd replace the plates and springs with new ones while I was in there.

Thanks. That's exactly how the lock washer looked when I pulled the plates out, whoever did it last did not bend it over the clutch nut and I did not remove it.

So you think the basket is reusable? That was my main concern and the most expensive part to replace.

I haven't checked prices on hubs yet, but could I go with a used one for now if I could find one locally? Do just 01 and 02 hubs fit this clutch?

Ill get new plates, springs, and lock washer and do it right just trying to save a few dollars at the moment.

A new washer is used each and every time.


The basket looked normal in the pics I saw.


A used one would be OK as long as it is in good condition, naturally, and was the correct part, of course.


Look at a parts catalogue (plenty on the Internet) for different bikes and see what bikes have THE EXACT SAME PART NUMBER for that part if you're wondering what other bikes take the same hub.

I have a new hub/plates/washer/springs on the way. However I did forget about the bolt that I broke........Is there anything special about these bolts or would I be fine getting a replacement bolt at the hardware store as long as I can match it up perfectly with size and pitch? I'd hate to delay the weekend waiting on 1 bolt to arrive....thanks.

As long as the size of the bolt and washer look like the twins of the original parts.

I got my Tusk Clutch and Spring Kit in the mail yesterday but I am a little confused on the springs. At work so I cant match anything up to the bike. This is the kit I got:


Pictured in the kit on the website is 5 springs which I assumed are the springs you put on pressure plate, but are they springs for something else? There are 6 springs in the Tusk bag and I cannot see why they would include an extra one....


I did match up the broken bolt perfectly with a stainless steel bolt and washer at the hardware store.

Does the kit part number you were supposed to get match what you got?

Yea the holder would be nice for future use. I think when i ever need to take it off, ima make a tool like someone did that i seen using old plates.

I got the right springs, and there was no part number on the bag it was blank......I asked because I knew the clutch housin had springs behind and hadn't pulled that yet. Matched them up though and clutch housin springs were much bigger in diameter and they were exact size as the pressure plate springs.

And holy torque......whoever put in the last clutch used an impact or breaker bar wtf. I actually had to put some umf into getting the clutch nut off.

I bought a universal clutch/fly wheel puller at yamaha today. Not exactly ideal but at only 44 ft. Lbs. it worked. It's Bikemaster part 151855, and I figure between my boys soon to be riding and friends with bikes it will get some use.

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