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2007 KTM 450 EXC revalve complete- I finally have something here

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For the past few months I have been tinkering with the suspension on my  '07 450 EXC.  Here is what I ride and some bio:


175 lbs street clothing, ride both enduro, roots, rocks, dirt roads, street dual sport, light motocross both hard and soft, trails, singletrack.    These stacks are very nice for my senior C/B pace.  The bike is predictable and handles well.  I am still debating over the 28x.20 in the primary rebound, and maybe adding one face shim on the fork BV. 


Changes I made to the suspension:

Front fork

Stock .44 springs 5mm preload,  flush with cap


Oil:  50/50 mix Maxima 5wt blue bottle fork oil and AW 32 hydraulic oil = 22Cst viscosity, 120mm from top.


SKF seals and wipers


Midvalve shoulder trimmed .028" on my lathe to reduce the float


Base valve:                  Mid:                Rebound:   

2 24x.1                        24x.15              3 Delta x.1

14x.1                           22x.1                 12x.1

3  24x.1                        20x.1                  20

22                                 18                       18

20                             stock spring           16

18                               1.05 float               14

16                                                              12

14                                                            2  9x.3

11                                                             16x.25






Stock 8.0 spring,  5mm preload,  40/120 sag numbers

RT bladder conversion kit, 150 psi charge

Maxima 3wt shock oil

stock internal pistons


Primary compression:          Secondary compression:

44x.20 (4)                               40x.20

42x.20 (2)                                38

40x.2                                        36

38                                             34

36                                             32

34                                              28

32                                              24

30                                              20x.30                 





Primary rebound:        Secondary rebound:

36x.20 (3)                       36x.20

28x.20                              34

34x.20                              32

32                                     30

30                                     20x.30





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Where are you running your clickers at?  If you run at a B pace the BV looks a little soft.  On the rear have you tried running a progressive spring?

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