2005 Gas Gas 300ec tank

I Have a 2005 Gas Gas 300ec and am looking to get a new tank.

Anyone know if a tank off a 2007 and newer model would fit or what mods i would need to make it fit.


Thanks Matt

I don't know the answer to your question but I have a question for you.  I am looking at a 2005 ec 250 and a 2005 ec 300. How do you like your bike? Any issues with it? Would you buy it again?  Mainly woods and dual sport riding is what I do here in Ohio.


Any info would be helpful. I really wanted a 2007 but cant find but have found a few 05s.



Hi sorry for my late reply.
I am happy with my bike. I think with any second had bike a well looked after 2005 model is going to be better than
a 2007 + unlove bike.

The bike dosent seam to change much through the years mostly subframe and plastics.
I do have a great dealer 10mins away for parts.
Its a bit heavy on fuel

My bike has different reed block, carb, pipe and muffler.

You would need to check the sub frame carrfully i hear they bend eaisly mines looks tike it points slighty to the left.

I asked my dealer and he is sure the Safari tank would fit but it is very big and to go with the Clark tank.

Check out gasgasrider.org

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