Can you fit a sx tank on a 200xc?

I have recently purchased a 2007 200xc and was wondering if you can put the smaller sx tank on. I do like the 2.9 capacity of the stock one but don't need that much where I ride.  It would be great to be less top heavy and not quit as lopsided on the weight( although the pipe is on the right).  Also do these generally come with high bar clamps? Didn't get to talk to guy I bought it from just his girl.  Any info about this bike would be appreciated. 

Don't fill it all the way up....

Don't fill it all the way up....

That doesn't solve the lopsided problem of the way the tank is shaped.

Yes, you can put a tank from the 2T sx bike on your xc. You can use the black tank from a 01-02 sx  or the orange tank from the 03-06 sx bikes. The black tanks suck. You can't see how much gas you have in it until it runs down the outside. That and they make your bike look like it is a 2001. The 03-06 is a much better choice. You could even use the 4T tank but it has a big hole in the side that looks kind of stupid.

Thanks Larry! That's all I needed to know.  I will go with the orange tank for sure!

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