Rm125 rebuild

So guys I was riding my 1997 rm125 for the first time and it blew. Apparently had no coolant in it and I overlooked it. Was going to drain all the oil out of it and noticed my drain plug has JB Weld on it. Uhmmm. Any ideas why and how should I get it off?

Back when I had my 2007 rm 85, the bolt got over tightened on the drain plug and it cracked, rather then having it ripped all apart and professionally welded, we had the crack ground out and in welded and it held up well. I'm guessing a similar thing with yours, no idea how to take it off though

Yeah, see I have a feeling he cracked it or it had a leak and decided to just cover the whole thing with jb....

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1381803715.116545.jpg

So uh...here's what the drain plug looks like, yeah I know it's dirty and gummed up


What is that?

But I got the drain plug off tonight and started pulling plastic off. So tomorrow I'll clean up more around to find leaks and cracks in motor

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