Ross Neely's 2013 WR450 Race Bike

It's really impressive because nothing has been really addressed. Lots of stock parts including the wheels, brakes, etc etc.

The Head/Cams are GYTR. Expensive stuff right there.

Bandit, I am waiting for you to build this bike so I can see if I want one.   Do you get "Dirt Bike" magazine.  Would like to read the article on Neely's bike when it comes out.

It's just a matter of time. I need to play with this GasGas 300 and give it due process.

No, I don't get either magazine any more. They seem to be full of shit.

I will get to ride Brian's bike again soon but it is completely stock except for a Scotts damper.  He has done nothing to it, not even adjusting the sag.  Power in stock form feels like a 400.  Suspension, as soft as it is, is still remarkable compared to my '06 with Race Tech mods.  Bike is tall.  Needs a seat job.  Nothing money can't fix.  Looking at a $9k bike just to get it dialed in.  Another $1k to get it tricked out.........Used bike might be the way to go.

Navaho there are used bikes out there. I just picked up a used 2013 WR450F for $8K out the door with less than 100 miles. It has the GTYR silencer & ECU, IMS tank, Cycra full wrap hand guards, Baja dual sport light kit. You are correct about the seat, I am waiting for mine to get back from SDG where they are cutting the foam to lower it 1" to 1.25".

Pat I'm seeing brand new 2012's for less than $6k on Cycletrader.

Pat I'm seeing brand new 2012's for less than $6k on Cycletrader.



I got mine a few months ago for $6k out the door. Only a fool would pay MSRP.

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