questions about sprokets on my 426

I just got my yz426 plated and was out tooling around,i want to give it better highway gearing.

 it has 13/48 on it now, and just screams bloody murder over 45 mph. being somewhat new to bikes I don't know where to start.

 do I get a bigger front and bigger rear?

it concerns me to rev this that high........ any help?

Add teeth to your front sprocket, or go smaller in the rear. The front sprocket will make a bigger difference in gear ratio per tooth than will the back. You can make coarse adjustments with the front sprocket and fine-tune with the rear.

The stock YZ426 gearing is 14/49.  You are currently way below that.  Try a fifteen on the front.

thanks, I put a 14 on the front and come to find out I am blind .....the rear has a 49

it did make a good difference but I think I am going to put a 15 up front.

 I took it work the other day and was a lot more comfortable to ride,but still geared to low.

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