CR500 as a motocross bike?

Hello all. I just sold my 2001 CR250 and am buying a 1998 CR500.

It is all original and in great shape. I have not ridden it yet and I am wondering does it make an ok bike out on a track? I will send away the suspension this winter and get it setup for my fat ass.

I had a KX500 and loved the power to lug it along so I'm not worried about the motor at all . But I am wondering about the chassis. Any thoughts would be great.

Yeah, if it's a wide open sit-down track.

Yeah ... Long live the CR500®

The cr 500 is one relaible bike if not the most relaible machine ever produced. 1996 had a suspension upgrade and they work fairly well on a track or in the woods. I own two steel frame 500's and a 500AF. I actually prefer the steel frame over the AF. More flex on the steel frame, if you are having the suspension done than you also might want to consider a flywheel weight. Smooths out the power and might not tire you out as much. Have fun they are a great bike!

I have a 97, with a 13 oz flywheel weight and a Rekluse z start pro with 13-48 gearing. I think that most of the people who knock the steel frame have never ridden one. That 500 is the only bike I have that isn't for sale. It's a steam roller with that clutch. I did do an aluminum frame project from a 2002 cr250r frame. It is really cool, am I that much faster on it, not really. It is much lighter, not really. With the right spring rate and maybe gold valves you can have a lot of fun on that steel frame.

Thanks folks. I am super excited to ride it tomorrow

Ridden a couple of CR500's from a good friend who use to race them back in the day.  A whole different animal as it has torque in every part the rpms like 450's owned, but with the 2t hit.  Just respect the power & you'll be fine. Definatley a blast to ride...  

They MX fine if you are in shape and a hero. Most folks would go faster on a 450 and have LESS FUN.....

I just built a 500af i plan to ride motocross with next year, I am a pretty big guy so the motor feels great to me and like it a lot more then my last 450.  There is a huge difference however between how my AF feels compared to the steel frame,



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