Crf450 2013 airbox cut out?

Hey guys need you expert opinions again please, I've just purchased my 2013 crf450 and love it, how ever I want to do the airbox modifications to it, I read I adb I think it was that you cut the sides out, remove spark arrester ect, if I do this will I need to get it tuned? And if any one has pics that would be grate please!!

Are you talking about a CRF450X or R.


If it's the X, there is all the info you need in the X forum, in the Pinned posts at the top of the forum.


DO NOT modify only the intake, however,

Any mod you do must be done as a system, or you will have a very lean running motor.

Intake, exahust, jetting, must be done as a system.

I'm talking about the r mate, yeah that's what I was worried about, what else do I need to change/upgrade if I wanna do that

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