Help with my 91 dr350s

Hello all I have. 91 dr 350s with 6k miles. Runs great. Oil is good valves adjusted fuel is good carb has been cleaned and a new main jet installed also new air filter and new coil and plug. Stock exhaust stock air box kn type filter. Bike runs however dies and sputters once you get past 30-40. It's my commuter and before I put in new main jet it would do the same thing around 55-60 mph on freeway. But starts right back up and goes again...... I dunno what to do


Check your petcock, tank vent, and float operation, then post your jetting specs (which carb,main, pilot, needle type and clip position etc.).

Wife had one of those. She had the opposite happen but basically the same setup. She was having too much gas and loading up the plug. After looking the k&n was wet with gas. Second bike I've ever worked on where the float somehow was off a little. Just measured where it should be and rebent the tab to shut off the gas before it overflowed. Those cv carbs can be tricky. Wonder if that is a weak point on those earlier dr's. Sounds like when you are going it starves for fuel. As said check your other fuel delivery pieces. Sounds like you are draining the bowl at speed and either not getting enough delivery or not filling the bowl up.

Float level is a good thing to check!

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