2014 yz450 stock FI numbers? accidently erased......

hey hey, so basically the programmer thing that plugs in and adjusts the fuel injection, I played with it a little bit and switched from the stock to something else posted on this forum. and accidently erased the stock FI map. because it basically looked like the "cancel" was pushed in and I thought that was what I wasn't on!!! stupidity of the day....



the stock maping is on number one of the 9 maps selectable, correct????


could somebody post what the stock map is?

Good news

You cannot erase the stock map, you can only make adjustments to it.

It's all zeros btw ;-)

Right. You may have erased it from your powertuner but no need to worry. Put zeroes in all the fuel and ignition cells and you have the factory settings back.

oh, I see. hahaha right on, thanks guys!!

When you upload a map from the ECU to the tuner it goes to 1. I always do this after I load a new map to make sure the new one is in the bike and so I can look at my tuner and confirm whats in the bike by looking at 1. I put my mod maps in 4, 5, & 6. My .02 on tuner map organization and management.

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