Smoking 88 Kit

Okay Gang,


I think I know what I did wrong, but let me explain it first.


I put in the new TB 88 kit, fired up the bike and ran it up the street once and back down.  Very nice improvement.  However, I then realized I was so excited to try it out, I didn't add any oil to it.  So, I added oil, started it back up, and after about 30 seconds it was smoking pretty good.  Tore it down, checked everything again, started it up, and the same thing happened.


This morning, took it apart looking for a possible gasket I may have missed, removed the valves, cleaned them up, removed a bunch of carbon, I DID NOT LAP THE VALVES OR REPLACE THE VALVE SEALS, out it together, started it up, and back to smoking again.  When back and retorqued the head nuts, and got the same.


I am guessing I damaged the rings and might need to replace them.  And yes, I am very meticulous on placing the rings in the correct offset so that is not the issue.  There are some spare o-rings from the kit.  some very small green ones that look like possible valve guide seals, but not sure.  


Anyway, let me know if you have some fresh ideas.  The older posts either ended before a solution was found, or their solution didn't work.

Well, after a little more investigation, I think I might have fried some bearings on the crank or the big end of the rod.  There is also a little noise coming from the cases.  This is one of those knucklehead "son of a b&^%h" moments.


I guess its time for the lad to learn a clutch and get a Lifan to stick in there. 

I feel your pain.  I had the misfortune of buying a Z50 without oil in the crankcase (no wonder why it didn't smoke when I test rode it - I'll never trust anyone who says their bike is "well maintained").  Anyway,that lead to a complete rebuild and due to some overlooking of things (bearings), I'm back into the cases for the second time.  At this point, it's not about economics.  I will NOT let this bike win.  It's like my Honda Accord.  It's given me a nothing but fits since I bought it and it's trying to beat me into submission, but I'm determined to win or at least have it last long enough that someone plows into it and totals it.


One thing I do when putting an engine together is leave notes on blue painter's tape on the motor for critial things.  I leave the spark plug out until all the blue tape is gone.  It's my verion of those red flags on the landing gear lock pins that say, "Remove before flight".

That's a really good idea.  I have plenty of blue tape.  


Unfortunately, I am going to cut my loses with this motor, part it out, and just get a Lifan 125 and slap in there.  When i have tried to overcome a project and not let it beat me, it always kicked my wallet's behind.  It has taken me a while in life to learn this, but at 41 I am finally starting to come around.

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