What 250 for an adult beginner?

Hello there, this is my first post on thumper talk. 


For my first bike, i'd like to get a 250 4 stroke trail bike. I feel like I have somewhat of a special case, since i'm not unfamiliar on two wheels. Thing is i've been a downhill mountain biker for 4 years. I'm comfortable hitting big 40 ft jumps and riding technical trails, on a 35 lb mountain bike. I don't know how this may factor in to the dirt bike selection process, that's why i'm asking you. Other things are I enjoy working on bikes and am interested in dirt bike maintenance, if that matters. 


I'll be riding OHV parks in Nor Cal mostly, maybe hitting up  the track on occasion. I'm a mountain biker and love trails so that's the type of riding I anticipate doing. I'm 6'3, 200lbs. 220lbs with gear. I'd like to start with a 250 because i'm a quick learner and know i'll want the power down the road.

Some possible choices i've considered are


-Honda crf250r

-Yamaha wr250f
I went to my local motorsports store and sat on the wr250f. The size felt right, I could reach the floor easy with both feet. And the blue/white theme is beautiful in person. Obviously size and looks arent the only factors.
So what do you guys suggest? Any help is appreciated thanks
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None of the above.


I'd go with a KDX200 personally if you're confident. Cheap, and a pretty darned constant winner on peoples trail bike list.


If you're really confident, something like a KTM 300 would be even better that you'll never grow out of.


Both of the above are 2 strokes.


If you want an easy going bike that you'll learn on and then trade off, an XR200 would be my choice.


I may be biased, I just can't see putting the money in one of the newer WR bikes when you can learn on a perfect trail bike at a much cheaper cost.

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The WR is a good bike ... It would be a good choice

Id have to say the crf 250r or crf250x depending on trail or travk

For 4 strokes, I would say a wr250f is an awesome choice. A crf250x is as well. I'm partial to the Yamaha, but either would serve you well, and both would probably have enough power your not gonna get bored anytime soon.

I've been xc mountain biking much longer than riding dirt bikes and I came into it expecting it to be more like riding a mountain bike, in some ways it is but others it's way different. There is no way around it, the weight difference is the largest thing... Even on lightweight dirt bikes they're still gonna feel way heavier than your heaviest bicycle... If I had to do it again, I would pick a 125 or 200 2 stroke... I've ridden a yz125 and besides it being so tall, it's the closest thing to a dirt bike with a mountain bike feel I've rode on. The flickable feel of a bicycle is more prevalent in a small 2 stroke like a 125.

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