best Honda dirt bikes in the world

I live in Oz so i can't buy these

in Australia we have Plated bikes

Honda Montesa has the bike we need


250/300 X & R 

450/500 X & R


i wish Honda Australia would stock some of these 


one my 05 450 X has a Lot of hours on it     :banghead:   :p    :ride:


Some nice bikes ... For sure

Some nice bikes ... For sure



Sigh ---------  c'mon American Honda !   give us a taste !      If those have a wide ratio transmission and are not just plated R models, that would have some possibilities !  --  a 250 that you don't have to spend 2 grand on to get competitive power as well

How could those be the best bikes in the world when the best bike in the world is parked in my garage?

they have 2 strokes as well

Not enough strokes.

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