Is an aftermarket really worth the $$$ (2014SX)?

Just wondering if forking out the $$$ for a new exhaust is REALLY worth it?


What are the pros/cons, how much HP do you gain?


If it really is, what type of exhaust is value for money for a 2014SX?


Cheers, Peter.

A lot of our friends are running FMF, they say I really broadens the power and makes it smooth. They seem happy.

I have always heard mini parents suggest save your money for suspension and lessons. 


The pipe can help move the powerband around but suspension will make them a lot faster.

Another thing to ponder, many a prodigy that have both stock and modded bikes turn faster laps on their stock bikes.

Just getting the jetting right first helps a lot. 


Pipes can make a bike easier to ride by adjusting the delivery and adding more where it is needed.  That helps make the rider faster.  A pipe change does require you to jet accordingly to get maximum benefit. 


To me it is cheap power, no cons.  IMO almost all other engine mods are a waste of money until you get to the very top levels.


I agree with Fryboy, don't forget suspension upgrades so the rider can hold the throttle open longer.

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The first thing is get it jetted properly, through the whole range.  It is amazing how much of a difference that will make in performance.  Many pipes that don't require jetting, just work better with the stock jetting.  Some pipes have recommended jetting specs.  The reality is the weather in your area, the quality of fuel you get, the type and mix of oil you use, and the style you ride are the requirements for jetting.  Sounds simple, right?  It really is.  You can almost always from stock either get a half clip leaner needle, and make the needle just a hair leaner.  Sometimes you can just move the needle up one clip.  You can almost always go 1 main jet leaner, and then see some pretty good imporovements in power and power delivery.  I've gotten to the point where I jet by sound of the bike, carry several with me.  The only thing I don't mess with is the pilot.  I can adjust the screw close enough, and my kid dosn't ride in that area of the jetting circuit. 


Spend money on suspension and lessons.  Best money spent.  Lessons will make them faster sooner than any bolt on part.  Suspension will make the bike handle better.  Making the kid more confident at speed.  In most cases, and I'm not knocking your kid.  They leave a ton of power in the bike and not on the track.  That is almost everykid.  Adding aftermarket performance parts is usually for the bling and does nothing for the actual speed of the rider.  I've seen kids with $7k in a KTM 65, and their dad talking about "I think I need to do this, that, or the other to the bike".  It isn't the bike.

I believe FMF is preferred by KTM, but I would put the money in suspension also.  Unless your style of racing requires spark arrestors. 


I am just starting to learn about KTM suspension, and so far I don't think I am a fan of the PDS.

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