2012 kx450f leakin oil

Hi. I'm pretty new to thumper and was was wondering if someone could please help me out m. I have a 2012 kx450f and it's leaking a little bit of oil from the drain plug it's not horrible but I'm a perfectionist. I was just want to know if that's common once the bolt gets old. The case don't seem to be stripped. I noticed the drain bolt has no seal or nothing on it it's just a bolt with a built In washer? I just want to know if you guys think a new drain plug will fix it?

I've never had a bike leak oil from the drain plug, and my oldest was 13 years old.

The problem is the washer/seal, it's reached it's service life. If you can't remove the washer/seal, just buy a magnetic drain plug and washer.

I just changed oil on my new Kawi the other day. When the oil was draining I saw a copper washer fall into the drain pan. If I would not have seen it I would not have known about it. Maybe yours is missing?

Should have a washer and bolt.

Replace the crush washer.  They are made out of copper or alluminum and are meant to "crush."  Do not use a standard washer from Home Depot, etc.  Check a motorcycle shop or some place like Cycle Gear.

Do any of you guys know the size/millimeter the crush washer is for a 2012 kx450f

Just order the correct washes it will cost hardly anything, you can cut the old one of with a pair of snips as they are pretty soft, I've had the same issue with mine.

I have the same bike kxf 450 2012 and mine has a hole threw the bolt head on the main oil drain bolt if yours is the same maybe it soposed to weap some times ?? They also sometimes kick out oil out the oil tube when pressure builds up ...And my bolt hasnt got a washer on either ;)

The hole in the bolt head is there so you can safety wire the drain plug. I replace the crush washer's on both the main and small drain bolt's every time I change the oil and torque to spec.

Safety wire to what??

I wire it to the frame myself, might not look factory cool but it gets the job done..

Ohh ok ....do yous have the kxf 2012??

Yes I have a 12 450

Does it have a lot of engine braking Whent out on mine for a ride threw some trails and just thaught it had a bit to much .....later inspected to have a real dirty air filter hope this was the problem as I have never noticed it being lyk that before

Do any of you guys know the size/millimeter the crush washer is for a 2012 kx450f


Look up "Kawasaki OEM Parts Finder."  By the looks of it, you are talking about part # 92065-058 "Gasket 10.5x16x1". 

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