2006 yz 167 max power, bike sluggish in 3rd + gear

I have a 2006 yz167, great condition, took carb off and cleaned entirely all new jets. I put clip in neutral position, 420 main 37.5 pilot, air screw 2.5 turns out. Bike is crisp in 1st and 2nd gear idles fine. I notice when I am warming it up and I turn the throttle nice and slow i kind of hear a pinging and the bike revs higher. Also when I was riding it it's very snappy off the bottom, but seams to not pull strong off 3rd gear in the mid to high range. Like it wants to be down shifted or clutched. Riding a 2013 crf450 also and spoiled by the efi, but I am determined to get it just was good. Fresh gas, float lever set to 9.5 mm, all new carb rebuild kit as well. To set float I turn the carb sideways to get no weight on the float right, just making sure

Make share u have no air leaks, have the bike running and spray so carb cleaner around the carb and reeds and also by the fly wheel to see if you have a leaking crack seal. If the idk goes up this means you have a air leak. It sounds to mW like the bike is lean, when was the last top end rebuild? Are the reeds I good condition?

Bike has maybe 5 hours on Max power 167 and piston, reeds perfect, vforce 3. What direction should I go with the jets.

Richer! Start with a 430 on the main jet go from there, that's your problem way to lean

Okay so I put in a 45 pilot and 440 main. Rode the bike definitely better, but here's the deal when I run it fast shifting from 1st 2nd 3rd it flys and revs fast. and then I slow down a little right when I go to snap the throttle back it bogs on my like there not enough gas or something. I mean it's quick but I feel likes something's off. It has a vforce reed block and everything is good. Bike runs fast. But just when it's in a low part of the power band in a deceleration in 3rd gear it doesn't want to be snappy and respond

Raise the needle. Lower the clip on the needle one notch try that

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