Cannot remove center bolt -46 mm KYB

Gave my first attempt at changing oil in stock front forks of a 2000 CR 125 because seals had a bunch of grit and lost a lot of oil after 2 rides. I am guessing they are 46mm KYB forks as this was what I found online as the stock fork, and it matches the service manual exactly.  so this is where im at.......  After removing fork cap, spring, spring guide, pouring oil out and pumping  (per the service manual). I placed axel housing in soft vice and tried loosening center bolt from bottom of fork/axel housing. It will spin but not unthreading. I tried holding top of fork dampener and the unscrewing center bolt again, thinking it was spinning internally. no luck . I have tried pressing on the whole fork as online tutorials show. Bottom does not spring up to allow for a "fork wedge" and detaching. Still am unable to get center bolt to come out of bottom of fork.....what step am I missing?

thanks, newbie

Make sure you do not scratch the damper rod at all.

Use an impact wrench and it most times will come right off.

Sometimes (rarely) using impact you have to re-install spring and compress fork to stop the cartridge from spinning.

Ok will be careful, I have been very careful to keep everything clean and unscratched so far. Do I need to hold the top of damper rod at all? or will the speed of the impact overwhelm everything and create some bite to the lower damper.

thank you for the help

Used impact with the top cap back on, worked great. everything came apart as planned. Forks cleaned, new oil back in, ready to ride this weekend. Thanks for the help

A while ago while rebuilding my 04 SX 125's suspension I had the same problem, couldn't resolve it and thank god I was able to tighten it back up, I just left it in after realizing I didn't need to take it out. Thanks for the solution though!

To loosen the bottom bolt with the forks already taken apart, you need a damper rod holder.

No you usually do not need a cartridge holder. Even when taken apart.

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