How mutch fork oil? Please help me :D

hey i bought the fork oil and wondering how much oil I should have in each fork?


i have have yz 250 1996


please help me :)

Plagiarized from a different site...

"I have a 97 yz250 & after filling & purging, measure down 135mm from the top of the outer tube to the oil level. You should really overfill them to the top of the tube, work it in & let it set for 10-15 minutes for the air to rise up. Then syphon out the excess until you reach the level. Not sure your 96 is the same level tho. You can DL PDF copies of your manual at There is a fee, but it is reasonable & allows you to DL anything they have for one price."

Did it help?

how many ML oil im asking for.. 

When filling the fork tubes with oil, you rarely add a fixed amount of oil.  Everything that I have read when it comes to replacing the oil in forks references the fork oil level, and not the volume of oil.  The forks will typically have a minimum, maximum and stock oil level. 


If you are at the minimum level you will typically have spongier suspension that will be more likely to bottom out. 

If you have the maximum level you will be less likely to bottom the suspension. 

If you overfill the level, you run the very real risk of bursting your fork seals and the oil leaking out.


Of equal importance to the amount of oil, is the weight of the oil.  There is a huge difference between 5W and 10W fork oil.  You really want to check with the factory service manual to make sure you have the correct amount and weight of oil and be certain that you have the same level in each fork.

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Pretty much all cartridge forks take 5 weight oil, unless you need to overcome super soft off road forks (heavier weight oil) or softening up SX valved forks (lighter like 2.5w)

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