XR650R spilling gas

Hi guys this may sound foolish, but when my 2007 XR650R is leaned more than usual in the kickstand (ie when checking something in the chain or when the bike drops) i have gas spills from somewhere, the carb i guess. Is that normal?


I want to know if that will be just a little gas spill or would it eventually empty the tank? every time it happens i hurry to straighten the bike.





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I had a similiar problem a couple of months ago, and I have never had problems with the carb on my 2000. I started the bike and my buddy noticed gas coming out the overflow. The problem wouldnt go away, so I shut off the gas, pulled the plug from the bottom of the bowl, let it drain, then re-installed it. Problem gone. Probably a float issue. Make sure the vent hose is not pinched under the seat.

If you drop your bike the float cannot float anymore and yes........it`ll keep draining till it runs out of gas...


Just throw a match on it so the smell goes away faster :devil:




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Float valves had it..It's attached to and above the float and fits into a hole up there..Replace it..Puking gas is almost 90% of the time caused by it..


mmm..yeah dropping it is going to exit all the gas from the carb,,better on the ground than in the engine,,


,,,,Throw a match on it.. :lol: B..

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I want to know if that will be just a little gas spill or would it eventually empty the tank?

Your fuel petcock should be OFF when you're not riding the bike.


Even with a minor leak in the float needle, you won't lose a significant amount of fuel that way.  I once had a Yamaha fill up the engine cases with fuel when I didn't turn the fuel off and the float needle wasn't sealing properly.  I had to take the engine apart and put in new gaskets to fix that one.  Ever since, my habit is ALWAYS to turn the fuel off when I'm not riding the bike.


You should make that a habit too.

Hi guys, "pulled the plug from the bottom of the bowl, let it drain", where is the bowl? (the carb´s bowl?)


Somewhere i read that that could be a low float setting that should be set up properly. Is replacing the float a fix for that?

Since this is one of the last of the XR's production year(meaning that it has had less time to be molested by someone) and you sound like you not have much experience working on carbs and have not opened this bikes carb up. It sounds like the float level is to high which allows the fuel level in the flost bowl to be too high, hence when you lean the bike over or even stall on a steep hill the bike will have gas escaping the carb through the over flow hose. This is a real pain because it will also make starting the bike very difficult as it is also allowing some fuel into the tunnel of the carb. If you are fairly mechanically inclined check on line there are some very good sites like the Pig Pen that give directions on how to correct the float hieght it is not difficult if you have some mechanical inclinations. If not take it to a shop with the measurement from the Pig Pen or some other source. They came from the factory with this float set too high so do go by the factory manual if by chance you take it to a shop make sure they understand this as well and give them the measurement to use oterwise you will be in the same boat as you are currently in just with less money in your pocket. I dealt with this for one year as mine was not so bad and only did it on steep hills but I eventualy got tired of having to start a flooded pig. Hope this is of some help ...Good Luck

Hi C-M, what implications have "a high float level"?

what implications have "a high float level"?

Besides fuel leaking out when the bike is tipped to the side, it makes the fuel mixture more rich.


I remember rejetting a Ducati Monster M900 years ago.  The Factory Pro suggested float height was 5mm lower than what the bike had stock, which seemed like a huge amount to me.  I actually called up Factory Pro to ask them if that was correct, and they told me that it was.  I changed the float height as recommended as well as changing the jets and metering needle and the bike ran significantly better.


At least the 650R has an adjustable float.  The 650L float can't be adjusted.  We just have to live with what the factory says is the correct float height.

Hi, i guess i will fix that about the float heigh. Im just about to uncork it and i will do it all at once.


thanks guys

That is a perfect time to take care of it and you will love the new found power when you complete the uncorking.

check float level set at 17-18mm, I know that not factory spec but when u set it at 16mm like Honda specs that only good if your are riding the bike wide open all the time like they do in the Baja go just a lil over 16mm and or replace float valve, make sure to only replace float valve with a genuine Honda float valve, don't use a aftermarket replacement to save money its not worth it cuz you will be back into the carb replacing it again really soon. mosse racing float valves are crap and don't work when it comes to carb parts buy genuine Honda replacement parts

 i took my carb off maybe 10 time trying to adjust the float level, and checking the float valve ... finally figured out the petcock gasket was falling apart and little tiny pieces of it would keep it open

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