New paint on the engine! 1985 XT 641

It's work keeping my hearty steed looking good!


ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1381760965.255584.jpg


ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1381761006.642659.jpg

Nice looking bike. Where you located? I've been pondering making one of my XT's a 3AJ replica. Just need the tank and seat mostly. I have a 3TB e-start motor that was shipped from Germany, no more kicking :thumbsup: , for that one anyways .

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Thanks man. I just put some graphics on I got from Malta. Like my color scheme that yamaha should have offered :-) Tanks and seats are getting rare. Did you contact David Lambeth? I was lucky enough to find mine at a salvage Australia back in 2003. E-Start would be nice! ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1382225392.087758.jpg

No I haven't, but I know his work over in UK, like the red/black ones, I first need to get the parts, there was a seat and take from Australia just 2 or 3 weeks ago for  300AUS , so it would have been at least another 100 for shipping, getting pricey, plus the guy had a "0" feedback rating , didn't want to take the chance. I'll keep an eye out on , they show up once in a while.

I got a new seat cover from Lambeth a few weeks ago. Still have to put it on. I see Kedo has new seat foam for sale. You have a line on the matching side covers too?

Ya, I might have a line on some side covers. There is a guy reproducing them somewhere in Europe, I think they are officially available. Otherwise the left would be impossible to go OEM. I do have my standard XT ones that could be used also. Would our standard XT seat bases work for making the 3AJ seat if I would get the foam and a cover? Didn't think of that, I assumed the 3AJ had a blunter front and the whole seat is overall shorter .

Where did you get that headlight cover guard?

Rikycross out of Italy. The skid plate too!

Tw200 oversized footpegs bolt right on;

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1382365401.026694.jpg

Them are the stock forks by the looks, the seat and tank have to be imported from Europe or Aussie, unless you get lucky enough to find one of the very few that people had shipped. I'm keeping an eye out for a set myself.


The forks are sort of stock. I had them modified for me by a custom shop. I also designed custom fork caps, which allowed me to raise the forks 1-1/2" to match the longer rear shock. I'll post a pic, I have 2 more pair lying around...

I was lucky to locate my 1983 seat/tank in Australia back in 2003.

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