Need some help, 2010 EXC 530.

bought this bike two years ago.  Runs fantastic, have had a blast on it, but now I'm nearing 4k miles on it and I'm thinking it's time for a winter rebuild.  This last summer it has started using quite a bit of oil.  The oil is not going into the tranny, seems to be getting used up in the motor itself (out the exhaust valves or even burned in combustion).  Don't have any oil residue out the pipe or anything, but it sure disappears each ride.  Just yesterday I started getting a loud "ticking" sound on the left hand side of the engine that seems to be coming from the cylinder area.  The sound is lower than the head.  Maybe cam tensioner?  Anyway, planning on tearing it down this winter, so what should I plan on for parts?  Valve guides? cam tensioner? rings?  etc.  I know there are some better aftermarket choices on some parts, so what do you guys suggest?  Thanks.

You didn't state the hours, but your piston will likely look like new, as did mine.  The OEM piston is really a nice piece; box bridge, grafal skirt coating, DLC pin.   Wossner or Vertex pistons work well and are much cheaper. More importantly they incorporate a newer oil ring design. I've been running a Wossner for the last 100 hours.  


Dirt tricks or DJH for a cam chain tensioner should clear up the ticking. One is automatic, the other manual. I didn't do anything to the head on mine. I sent the cylinder to Powerseal for measurement and told them to re-plate if necessary. It ended up just getting honed.


This was at 100 hours, now at 257 hours still running great although starting to use a little oil.



I had a 08 530 with 270hrs on the motor before I sold it, never opened the engine. I would do a leak test....

As stated before, cam chains do swear and is a relatively simple can cheap fix to replace one.....

I would check to see if the crank case is vented to the carb or airbox. If it is, plug that connection and run the vent tube down to the other carb vents at the swingarm. As engine speed increases, so does the crank case pressure and the carb vacuum. The hot oil vapours get sucked into the carb and then burned during combustion. 

Thanks guys, that's the kind of info I was looking for.  I think it's around 200 hours or so.  Been really using the oil the last few months, so my winter project is to get it all freshened up and ready for spring.

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