'07 Carb differences besides jetting?

I'm trying to re-jet a '07 RB. Original owner installed a 48 pilot, QS2 and 55 leak (no o-ring mod tho)

The bike was hard to set the idle on... Started fine, would hang a little, but felt fat on the throttle response. I knew it had the 48 pilot and leak jet from the service records, and figured that was contributing to the throttle response, so didn't think much of it.

Yesterday I got around to re jetting and installed a 42 pilot and reset the fuel screw to 2.25 turns out (was at 3.5!). This baseline has worked well with my '09 and '12 RBs, but this '07 was now really lean... Surging, popping on decel, etc... Playing with the fuel screw has it back out to 3.5 turns to ease the idling and popping.

I have not torn into this carb yet, to check for underlying problems but I was under the impression that it's the same as the '08-'10 models except for jetting and needle. I just want to ensure I get the correct jetting so I can set to a good baseline when I go through it.

Yes the carbs are the same except the jetting, no bikes came in the states for 2010. 2007 needle was not a good one and everyone I know swapped out for 2008-2009 for better performing bike.

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