Who's In Colorado?

Was wondering who might want to chop it up in Berthoud, Rampart, Walden, Grand Junction etc... I just got a 02' 426, my buddies have an 01' and an 00', also I sometimes ride with a couple guys who have xr400's and a 02' cr250(one sweet 2stroker). We all are pretty darn good but don't race officially so come tear it up wit us! Also...what carb settings do you run? I have a 158 main jet and 1 1/2 turns out on the airfuel screw, other than that it's bone stock, and it seems to work good.

A few of us from COS will be at Aztec on Sunday, weather permitting. Come join us if you'd like!

FWIW, my jetting is 158M/2C/48P/7discs in an E series pipe and fuel screw adjusted as needed on a daily basis.

BTW, if you come out, I"ll be the slow guy with lights and handguards on a YZ426, number 44B (I think)


We will be at Berthoud this weekend-all different riding levels in our group. 2 on YZ250Fs, 2 on YZ426s, 1 on a DRZ, and a few 2strokes thrown in. Where do you live?

Hey Heartattack, If it does not snow like they are saying I think I and a friend are thinking of riding. We will be on a 426 and a 520mxc up there.

I need to ride because I have been playing with my jetting and it keeps eating plugs!!!!

I'll try to find ya

wild rat rules but if you want some real track riding johnstown is the place to go that track has the best dirt in the state!

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