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Starting a Riding Area or Club

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We have helped start hundreds of riding areas across the country and wanted to provide some basic info on common things to look at when starting a club, facility or track. 


First, look at the land you have available. How big is it? Where would participants park their tow vehicles / rvs etc. Are you going to have spectators? How do they enter? Where do that park?


Zoning - Time and time again this issue has shut down a riding area even before it began. ALWAYS check your zoning FIRST before you break ground. Many times you have to change the zoning on part or all of the land you are using (owned or rent) before you can allow entry / take payments etc. I can name more than 20 examples of folks who make a track or park, started charging and then got busted for operating outside of what the land was zoned for. When someone wants to shut you down, this is the first thing they try and use against you. Once you did this the wrong way it is ULTRA hard to fix the zoning. Go to your local municipality and ask who is in charge of the zoning for your area. Ask about starting a recreational riding area and what type of zoning would need to be in place for that to happen. I could go on for hours on how to do this right as there are so many ways to do it wrong....


Types of vehicles - What type of vehicles are you going to allow to ride at your location? Multi-Use facilities tent to be the most successful. 


Insurance - How are you going to protect yourself from claims, prove to the landowner you have coverage? We can help you there too.. this is our main business. 


We are here to help create riding areas and can address the hard questions! Please let us know how we can be of service!

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