Cutting side plates

Okay sorry im sure theres threads on this but i couldnt find much.

Is there any write ups on doing this for an 01-06 250? Im just not sure of angles and such, or can anyone post a close up of theirs?

Might help if you give us some more info on what you are trying to accomplish. Freestyle grab handles, shaving weight, clearance for silencer, etc.

I think he just wants to cut them for looks.... like people do with the YZs

Lol yea sorry i saw a couple people on here just cut them for a sleeker look for moto, just lookin for info on the angles and what not the cut them at.. Ill try to find a pic

Something like this, im just wondering the start/end points and angle. I just dont wanna chop it up and be too small. Kind of a pointless thread sorry bout that ha! ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1381785099.434365.jpg

Going for something similar to an rmz????

-- just line up some 08+ rmz side plates, pick an angle and cut



I haven't done them to mine yet..... soon

BUT, don't forget the front # plate and fender from an 08+ -13/14 bolt right up (drill 2 holes in the front fender)


HERE's some examples....










Just mark out the shape you are after with tape. I used an Angle grinder to cut mine and then just sanded the edges :thumbsup: .



Cool thanks guys! Also is there anywhere to find torque specs for this bike? Or an online manual somewhere?

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