Is a 07 kx250 2 stroke a good bike?

I found a 07 kx250 I really like. any opinions on them?

In a word..Ohhhhhhellllyesssss.

Great bike. You won't be dissapointed.

Very good bike's,it's specialty is POWER.

Very good bike's,it's specialty is POWER.

Do they have good bottom end power?

If you don't hang on tight enough you may have a yard sale going on.. in other words, yes they have bottom end power, not quite like a four stroke though.

Do they have good bottom end power?

You wont be dissapointed for sure.

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Thanks for the help guys!

I found a 07 kx250 I really like. any opinions on them?


I've been racing new KTM's for years, mostly 300/250 but have experience with most of them. Without bike support for this years racing season I bought a mint 07 kx250 instead of going deeper into debt for a brand new steed. Stock the bike worked great, but with just a few mods it has become an absolute weapon. I wouldn't hesitate to pick up another 07 if I could find one in the shape mine was when I got it.

I bought a 2006 KX250 recently and I am very very happy with it. The power is phenomenal. Re-starts very simply. No spooge. The handling is every bit as good as the acclaimed 02-07 Honda CR250R frames. Ultimate sandbaggers bike. 


The power is really versatile and strong. Not just "Wow, those 250 smokers sure are fast!" but impressive grunt and punch in every region of its power spread. :thumbsup:


I am now on a Kawasaki binge looking to get another (or two!) for a buddy bike. Will prolly get a 90s model. I've always had good luck with Kawasaki. Reliable, torquey, easy to jet, easy to start (and re-start), free of major quirks that I've found with other brands. :blah:

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Great engine. Couldn't ask for more, really.

The very best there is. currently own a 07, had an 05 also. They ROCK

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Whats the life expectancy of the crank seals on these bikes?

I have an 06 and I love it. If you ride or race a 450 regularly you might think it is kinda slow off the bottom but with some race fuel, vforce reeds, and a fmf gnarly pipe it will be good to go. The forks suck compared to new technology but theres many ways to fix that. Ive also found that the 05 - 07 kx250 is more reliable that the older kawi 250 two strokes.

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