Tusk reusable oil filter. Right one?

I bought a Tusk SS oil filter for my 2008 yz250f. The pn on the box is1379690006, but it's written on the box in pen, which is weird.

Anyhow, pulled out the old filter and it doesn't look like the new one at all. The OEM has a rubber gasket on both sides, the SS only on one side and it's smaller in diameter, but the tusk filter came with a round red piece of foam? The ss one is different on one end too, it has a ball bearing you can push in.

Here's some picks. Is it a different design, but works, or is this the wrong filter?



Just from memory, it looks like the Scott's filter in mine. Do a search on the P/N and see if it matches and maybe find a pic.

How well does a reusable filter really work? And how long do they last? It just seems sketchy to me to reuse an oil filter in anything, I don't mind replacing every time. I am just curious on the consensus of these things.

What's the red piece of foam for then? Just packaging so nothing gets in the filter? I still don't like how it doesn't have a rubber seal on one side. Why would factory have one if it didn't serve a purpose? Maybe I'll try a different brand.


The reusable filters work fine. I clean it in a clean plastic container with solvent, and you can see all the tiny metal shavings come out of it, so it obviously stopped them. 

I was skeptical about using them too, but an oil filter is pretty simple, as long as you have the right size screen. I used one for 2 years in my 450 and never had an issue. I just can't justify how much it costs for a paper oil filter. Running a mx bike is costly, if I can save some cash, and not have any repercussions, I'm in. Especially when the local Yamaha dealer dinged me $17 for my last paper filter! I wonder why they lose so many customers to online sales! Buy your oil and filter from them and it costs $40 an oil change. I can't afford that every 2 rides.

Found a site that stated to use rubber seal on outward end only. K&P engineering SS oil filters.

I have some Yamaha oil filters.  They are not paper but a disposable metal screen.  I've cleaned them before and I think it's okay to do as long as they don't rip.  They rip easily.  My understanding is that the OEM metal screen oil Filter is more of a engine safety device, and you clean your oil by changing it.  If Yamaha makes a paper oil filter, I'd be interested.  My concern is how well oil would flow through an aftermarket paper filter if the engine isn't designed for one.

As far as the reusable metal screen go, I'd like to try one.

That is the correct filter. Looks identical to the Tusk ss filter I bought for my 2007 YZ250F. Mine had a square piece of white foam instead of the round red.

That looks like the right one. I had one but threw it away. Not a fan of reusable filters. I went on ebay and bought 6 HiFlo filters for around $25.

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