Beta 350 or 400?

Hi guys,


I'm in the market for one or the other.. I've read a ton of reviews on each bike but never about them ridden back to back, so without opening a can of worms and starting arguments :naughty:  how do they compare to each other??


Sadly there's very few Four stroke Demo's over here in the UK, if any at all.. it's all 2st or nothing at the moment.



I just bought a 400rr and love it. Fits me nice!  There are a few threads further back that ask the same question.  I'd find them but I'm at work...and need to get back at it..LOL


From what I gather 350 is a little more racy=high strung.  400 not so revy=a little bit easier to ride in the lower revs, better for lazy older people like me...hahaha

Thanks Inspects..


I was all for buying a 350, I even put a deposit down on one at the beginning of the year, but something else came up [cheap and as new] and I bought a different bike.. sorry I did now.


After more digging around on the Net I think I'm leaning more towards the 400 at the moment, I want something smooth that's got good grunt low down for woods riding, but without the snap of a 450. Saying that, I like all that I hear about the 350!....


I'll probably just have to flip a coin, Heads the 400, Tails the 350 :cool:

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I had the same conundrum earlier this year. I went with the 400 as it has more low down grunt. It seems the Beta four strokes are more racy in 450 and 350 guises, whilst the 400 and 498 are geared more towards being play bikes.

.... I want something smooth that's got good grunt low down for woods riding, but without the snap of a 450......  :cool:


Don't quote me because I haven't ridden either a 350 nor 450, but from what you just wrote there...sounds like a 400 would be good for you.

I usually ride 1st gear gnar, tight and technical. (really it's 2nd gear for the better riders, hell Tom was probably in 3rd...hahaha)  Popping that front tire over a log is way easier than i thought it would be even at low rev and speed.  Even hit some of the fire roads in between trails...hmmm, smiling just thinking of that.  Not too buzzy at all.  Thou I was being lazy and easy since I'm just breaking in the motor.

Thanks fellas,


I ride a lot of tight snotty woods stuff, so ideally a 2 stroke would be a better choice, but I also like to do the odd fire road & green lane trail, and plan to do a fair bit in Europe next year so the 400 sounds like the right balance.


I've been offered a good deal on the 300RR.. but I rode MX on 2 strokes for 20+yrs and they just don't do it for me anymore, I've got too lazy to ride without lack of engine breaking, especially now I'm in my golden years [35] :thumbsup:

Hahaha...Yeah, I was very nervous about going from a 2t to a 4t with the woods riding we do here.  But since I'm consolidating into 1 do-all bike for now....figured I would go to a 4stroke.

There was one section of trail, steep downhill with a few step-offs where I just froze.  Think it was because i was tired.  Anyway, I ended up bulldogging it down that little section.  Man was the engine breaking nice.  2t are a bitch to bulldog unless you have a LHRB like some people.

Also the slippery snotty stuff was a little bit easier for me.  The YZ needs to be rev'ed up then clutch worked to get going in the stuff.  Wears me out very quick.  The 400 my clutch had wore out after the long ride, but over-all I was less tired. (until I got to the truck...LOL, about passed out from exhaustion.  The beer after sure was nice)


I figure you can make almost any bike work for you, just what will you be happiest with.

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