trail tech vapor speedometer and tachometer

can i put a vapor speedometer and tachometer on my bike without installing a battery. and is it hard to install.

Yes, it has an internal battery which lasts a while. It won't run the backlight, but you could also add a small RC car battery to power it, and charge it once a month or so.


The installation is pretty easy. Hardest part is picking where to mount it.

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I have a trail tech vector mounted on my bike.  So i have the speedo but not the tach.  It does not require a battery, the unit has a small watch battery installed in it and mine is wired into the ignition for power when the bike is running.  My back light use to work while it was running, but this year it seems to have stopped working, doesnt bother me so i havent tried to figure it out.  As far as instalation...pretty simple.  Not sure what features yours will come with, mine reads coolat temp as well, so that was probably the most difficult part, and really is was just annoying having to drain the coolant.  other wise it was a matter of switching one front brake rotor bolt out for the magnet they provided for the speedometer, attaching the "reader" and then routing all the wiring.  I took my time with it, but had it all done in one night. 

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