09-12 exhaust on 2013?

Apologies if this has been covered previously, couldn't find anything in a search. Has anyone attempted to fit an aftermarket single exhaust from an 09-12 bike on the 2013? Don't mind having to fabricate brackets, just need to know if the pipework will clear the main frame rail, subframe etc. Thanks.

I saw on here in the pictures of your 450 a guy put a yosh RS-4 from an 09 on a 13 all he had to do is move the subframe mounting point. I believe it was a slip on tho

Hmm, interesting. Must have another look through old posts. Thanks

I just looked and it's actually on page 14 of the 2013 pic thread

That's great, exactly what I was looking for. Thanks very much for your help!

little more info, the head pipe and silencer all bolt on the bolt hole on the muffer pipe needs to be relocated and thats it

It fits fine, if you have the skills to relocate the lower bracket, it took me about 10-15 min to do it.  From what I remember I cut it off and flipped it or something like that.

Sweet, thanks for the info. I'll keep my eye out for a good used Yoshimura or PC then.

The pc doesn't fit, the header pipe kinks a bit different and hits near the water pump area. i have the yoshi rs-4 full system from the 09 model , its a good fit but you have to drill a new hole in the subframe about 20mm away from the original hole. The side plate covers everything perfectly

This is a great idea for the 2013-14 guys. I plan on buying a 13 here whenever I can find a good deal on one and this first thing Im going to do is bolt up my Yosh exhaust from my 09. Making a mid pipe bracket shouldnt be that big of a problem. I mean, think about it there is a ton of benifits from running a 09 rs4 or even 09 stock pipe...

1. cost. twin pipes= expensive. a NEW RS4 Yosh stainless system goes for $420-$450 on ebay

2. weight. take the twins off and bolt on a 09 exhaust. at least 3lbs of weight savings

3. less parts to brake

4. less heat on the airbox and shock with that Y pipe for the twins

Does putting the single pipe from 09 on make more power.or just tgat it looks better and b abit louder too.considering on doing this to my 13 don't care for the twin pipes.also could I just order a slip on from. A 09 and just put that on my 13 yoshi header

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