oil coming off air filter?

i been using this filter for 36,000 miles now, ive cleaned it every 10,000 miles, it never really gets too dirty anyhow. i decided to clean it the other day a few thousand miles early.. it all went good, bike had more pep to it..


i was outside just overlooking the bike, and noticed all this wet looking plastic 



so i checked out my filter and it seems the oil is coming off.

hard to see in the pic but its all wet and oily in the airbox


i clean with pj1 air filter cleaner. and oil with k&n air filter oil (black spray paint bottle)

this is the same exact routine i used for the other times i cleaned it. 

should i be using a different air filter oil?

i was reading that the K&n stuff is for gauze filters.. NOT foam filters like my twin air filter


i have not noticed the oil come off the filter before, maybe i just excessively oversprayed it this time, the filter looks 80% new pretty damn nice if you ask me for how many miles are on it

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Is it not oil coming from the oil vapour separator tank?

I know it spews into the intake boot, and if you're in a lengthy wheelie and maybe slightly overfilled on oil, it could run back through the filter?

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yes that makes sense..


the oil i seen was reddish & smelt like air filter oil though

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I get sticky nasty oil dripping off of my filter.  Makes a mess on my swingarm, and apparently my dads garage floor.  Never leaked in my garage though.  Figures... LOL  I figure I just didn't wring it out enough last time. 

You're using the wrong oil (K&N gauze filter oil) and you should be using a foam filter oil (pretty much all other air filter oils, PJ1, No Toil, Twin Air, Motorex, Bel-Ray, etc....).  Also you're probably over-oiling the filter too...

You need foam filter oil

I get that if I over do the re-oiling.

I've since got a bottle with a small nozzle on and use that to apply the oil to the filter, since doing so I use less oil and get better coverage = no drips out the air box drain anymore.

i just went and baught some uni foam air filter oil..will re-clean and oil later

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