buying a 2003 yz450f, supermoto wheel questions.

I am getting this bike on a good deal, I want to put supermoto wheels on there. Is it possible buy the rim and correct spokes for the rim and use the stock dirt bike hub for immediate compatibility with rotor and brakes, instead if swapping out the hubs with excel and having to determine the spacing?

You can buy spokes and a rim and lace it up Buchanans in California is the best source. If you get rim sets designed for the bike you have they will fit up with no issues. They are specific for each brand. Lacing and Trueing up wheels is a job that takes some skills

So I would have to look for rims that the hub has the same number of holes on. That is 32/36 holes? So I'll have to determine that by counting the holes on the hub? Sending the wheels off to be trued is unfortunately not much of an option for me because I live outside of the US. Expensive just to send it in. I may have access to one of those truing stands though.

Not only the right number of holes, but also the correct drilling pattern in the rim.  The sequence and angle at which the holes point left/right/forward/back is important.

Alright, so gray what do you suggest I do then? I have the stock hubs of the yz450f. Just need to buy rim And spokes.

Check on the Super Moto forum and ask for sources.  Wheel builders/component suppliers like Buchanan's should be able to supply you with just what you need.

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