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Looking for a skid plate for my 03 250. Smashed the clutch cover last year and I am not looking to repeat that. Wasn't too far from the truck so I made it back with out leaking out all my fluid.


What skid plate are you running and what do you like/dislike about it? I am willing to shell some cash for a nicer one. Example lifetime warranty ect.


Post up pics and experiences of what you have got, like and dislike!



I've got one on my '01 CR250R.. I race hare scrambles so I have to cross trees and the like so it works well for that. Don't remember what brand it is though.


What I don't like is that it traps dirt, mud, & grass. Not a big deal though as the hose will get most of it out. Likes? I don't have to worry about bashing my frame rails when I'm slamming into trees. It's one of those things you bolt on and kind of forget about honestly.

I am surprised that there hasn't been anybody else that runs one? I am looking to buy one but I want something that flairs a bit out to the sides and will keep my case safe.  


What is everyone else running?


Thanks for sharing Kawabuggy. If you get a chance to see what kind it is, post it on up! 

What I don't like is that it traps dirt, mud, & grass. Not a big deal though as the hose will get most of it out. 

I put a piece of course foam under the skid plate - it keeps the mud out.

Steahly offroad makes nice skid plates for our CR's.

I run a Hyde skid plate.  It wraps around nicely, barely weighs anything but is very durable.  I bought it after I smashed in my clutch cover also. 

I just bought and installed one I think its msr or maybe moose, glad I had it for this last race...I bounced out off a rock jutting out of a tight Lil fracas that the course went threw, would have broke the left side plastic case for sure...not the only one in the race that hit that...a couple different colors of paint on it and a broken hand gaurd laying there lol

photo.JPGI have no idea of what brand my skid plate is.  I just use a sponge to keep everything out.  I hate that I have to remove mine to do a transmission gear oil change.  It is a pain in the butt.  But it works well I have slammed the bike down on some pretty large rocks and fallen trees.  It's just hard to hold the skid plate, and line up the bar that holds it on the inside of the frame and then thread in the bolts, that's all not impossible but I can never do it on the first try.  Bad picture I know but just so you can see what I do.  Lucky my engine is on my work bench right now! =(





I like what I am seeing here! Great info, lets keep it coming! 

I have used moose on my last two CR's. They are pretty good but I do occasionally have to bend them back and straighten them now and then. ( we have very rocky terrain where I live, so the skid plates get beaten to hell). The only problems that I have encountered with them is the wings othe front that protect the water pump and ignition cover get bent back from hitting rocks. Would most likely happen on any of the aluminum plates. Also there usually is not much clearance between the skid plates and the pipe. I usually cut out a section of the skid plate so there is more clearance and the pipe wil not contact the skid plate. Also you will notice more reverb sounds of the motor bouncing back off the aluminum plate. That is normal. One word of advice would be to place rubber between the frame rails and the aluminum skid plate as it will reduce this slightly along with better dampening

I run the moose skid plate, aa pro I smash logs all day and it works like a champ

I have the devol as well.  In my opinion it seems pretty thin and weak to me.   I have a flatland racing skid plate on my CRF and it is impenetrable.  I was disappointed to see how thin the devol was when it arrived.  I just wish flatland racing made a skid plate for the cr. 

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