2013 KX250F for woods?

I was wondering how many of you guys have 13 KX250F's in the woods? I'm thinking about getting a Kawi... but people are telling me about how they have to be rebuilt constantly, they're easily breakable, they overheat in the woods, and all of that. I was looking to get some more input and peoples experiences with these bikes

I rode a stock 06 in the 2006 Alligator Enduro, row 1 (we were basically cutting trail).  I added handguards, spark arrestor, and a skidplate.  That was the most two-stroke-like 4stroke that I have ridden  (2006 yz250f, 2006 250sxf, 2004 yz450, 2009 rmz450)----had rear wheel weight bias and less pronounced engine braking. 


Good bike for the woods, I assume they have only improved since then.

I have a 12 and have no problems overheating in Idaho single track. My buddies 300 KTMs and 450's all boil long before my bike will. My complaints for the woods is that the only place to get a heavier flywheel is from Kawasaki and they are not cheap. Also I haven't been able to find a steel clutch basket either. Other than that they are good bikes and as reliable as your maintenance is.

my 13 does not over heat in the woods but I have the boysen ( spelling )  super cooler water pump also. I never ran it with the stock one.

I ride mine all over but mostly tight woods/single track. I have NO special mods. just basic parts to make woods riding fun bark busters, skids, and tuned suspension for off road.


I have never boiled, I think woods riding is way easier on my bike then motocross riding. I have 60+ hours on my bike easy


I would love a reKluse clutch and a big bore... that combo would make my kx250F a beast off road and I don't know it could be stopped other than my riding skills.

i run a 2011  -- and I suck  -- love the biek -- has been revalved - rekluse exp 2.0 -- fmf power bomb w/ Q4 muffler -- currently running 51 tooth on rear 


you will not be dissapointed .. 2013 has had the best changes since '11

I rode my 13 in the woods racing hare scrambles all year. unless you spend 10 minutes hammering it trying to get unstuck it cools just fine. I added the usual woods parts and a rekluse exp. its a fun bike. 15 2 hr races on it, a few practice days and I'll probably put a piston in it over the winter just because I can. I did oil changes every race, filter every other and air cleaner when it needed it. I have no idea how this filter stayed so clean with the huge openings on the sides of the bike, but my filter was never even close to as filthy as my buddy's KTMs were. zero problems with the bike at this point. probably 30 or 40 hours on it this year.

I have an '11 kx250f that I do hare scrambles with. Just ran the Ironman GNCC with it also. Absolutely love it. I do a mix of Mx and HS with it. Never had an issue with overheating. I just slap on the barkbusters, soften the comp clickers a few clicks and hit the woods. No reliability issues except my body wearing down!

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