Yz 450 vrs polaris predator 500 PLEASE HELP!

I used to have a wr 450 -05 and i loved it, i thought i would like to have a quad so i traded for one which is the 05 polaris predator 500 i have now  and as soon as i got it i realized i wanted my wr 450 back bad. so i scoured around on craigslist and found a 05 yamaha yz 450, he was wanting 3400 for it and he says the entire engines been rebuild its got excell rims pro action suspension and alot more. He says he will trade with me but I'm not that sure if its a good deal or not but i really want that yz 450

heres some pics of them


yz 450 002.jpg

500 polaris 192.jpg

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