After market Tank Steering Stem Nut Mod

I know the title is confusing.  I have and an aftermarket tank and never found a good place to vent the tank.  I don't like the one way vents because they I keep losing them while trail riding.  Most dirt bikes have the hose vent down the steering stem but the DRZ doesn't have a hole in the steering stem nut.  Well that's what I thought, until the other day when I greased the bearings and notice the nut cover pops off.  easy fix.  Just thought it might help someone else.




My E doesn't have that cover to start with, the tank vent tube runs into the steering stem as standard.


Good to know the S nut just has a cover though.

I personally always hated how they run into the steering stem causes it to twist when you removed or put the cap on..  Sure there are small swivels.   I use the small 1 inch hose with a one way valve on mine, how you said it kept coming off i solved that by using some clear PVC primer and cement and its on there permanent now 

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