I need a longer shift lever (1985 XL250R)

I just picked up a new set of THOR 'Ratchet boot' and are size 12.


My shift lever is WAY to small for me to upshift my bike. Trying to look for a longer shift lever. I did a search and did not come up with much (remember I am in Canada and shipping is a pain)


I looked into a couple companies but am looking for specs on the overall lenght and tooth count for the shaft...



First try raising the lever up one spline.  If that doesn't work for you, take it to a good welder and add a piece to make it longer.  


Some aftermarket levers are not any longer and harder material which causes the shift shaft to break in a wreck.  The stock lever is soft steel and designed to bend in a crash.

I will give that a go. I only get out a couple times a year on my bike around this time of year. It was a pain shifting... Heck I even used my heal to kick it into the next gear... lol.


I did not have my old boots that worked ok with me or I would of worn them...

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