91 WMX 125 parts

I've got a 91 WMX 125 basket case and I'm trying to decide whether to part it out or restore it. Hall's says theres some parts available but it's tough because the 91 was pretty much a stand alone model. I'm starting with the engine and I need a cylinder in decent condtion. The plating is chipped in mine and I'm sure it will need to be re-bored. Also need steering stem bearings. Just starting out, lol.

nice project = if theres enough left to salvage,


 TBH the parts you've listed are relatively easy / simple,


 a replate is'nt too bad just  $$'s, bearings should be common with MANY bikes,


i ran a WMX enduro 1985/86 model Cagiva-red for 21 years,

 parts ARE avaialble,

 pretty sure a honda CR 125 piston works = cagiva dirtbikes ran LOTS of similar dimension to the CR line honda,


non-starter parts are Exhaust pipes ,

 not sure HOW different the 91 is to the other Cagiva/ huskys



Thanks for the reply. Thats good to hear. I'm pretty sure the cylinder will need to be bored but if a Honda piston works an oversize one shoudnt be hard to find. The rest of the bike is pretty much intact. The suspension will need freshening up of course. I'm hoping the ignition is ok also. As far as exhaust it came with an Uptite pipe that's in excellent condition. Hoping to have it running by spring.

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