12' front suspension ?

Has anyone tried 1.8 pressure springs? My goal is to soften it up on square edge bumps.

My set-up is .49 springs now, my weight 200 lb, int. vet mx. Also 350cc in fork legs.

thx. for any input!

It'll need a revalve,  I got a piston shim stack combo from ride concepts, absolutely awesome, The only thing I changed from that was the rebound stack was still a little slow. I'm running the same spring rate.

An aftermarket or modded stock piston will do the trick. The stock piston limits flow area more than it should. An aftermarket set up will allow oil to flow more freely making the suspension much more plush. You might as well revalve it while you are in there.


The shock is even worse.


I just went through this same exact thing on my 12'. My buddy set it up for me with a revalve and aftermarket piston. Its magical now. The stacks are in my build thread if you are considering a revalve.




Post #15 I use different fork spring than you but the valving helped A LOT! 

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