Obama closed my trail! ~ see picture

Last Saturday some friends of mine drove up to the Little "O" ORV trail which is just north of Baldwin (Michigan).  Because it's in the Manistee "National" Forest, the current federal budget problems is leading to many of the ORV trails getting shut down here in Michigan.  But with most hunters (it's deer vs. bow season) not leaving and only the trail head parking lots close, we parked on the shoulder of the road and did the loop anyways!  Judging by the number of riders that we met on the trail (there's more than one parking lot) and hunters, we were not the only ones that felt that his overreach will not slow us down!  There's also reports that riders meeting up with DNR officers did not have any problems.  Sort of makes me wish I had attended the million man Vet March in Washington, tossing barricades on the White House front gate!   :p   :moon:



They don't have enough money to just leave the gate unlocked and leave the trails open but they do have enough money to hire officers to write you tickets for riding on closed trails so watch out.

That is a bummer. Our roads were closed for two days, then for some reason they were opened up. The signs, saw one as in your picture, is still on the now open gate. Weird but great. hope yours gets the green light soon

They are trying to show us how much they give us. What an fing joke.

That is a bummer. Our roads were closed for two days, then for some reason they were opened up. The signs, saw one as in your picture, is still on the now open gate. Weird but great. hope yours gets the green light soon

LOL  as you figured it's called " bolt cutter budget fix"

Your tax dollars at work.

The BLM here in Idaho tried doing the same thing. The little sign sure didn't stop me from riding on the trails. It's not like there was any BLM officers to write me a ticket anyway! ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1381806774.567969.jpg

Closures just mean less riders to have to share the trails with.

The little O is a fun loop. You should be considering the ACTUAL reason for the shutdown....KTM.

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I rode up there for the first time 4 weeks ago. The Little "O" is my new all time favorite trail SO MUCH FUN! I will be back many many times next year. No back to back mile is the same, scenery and terrain constantly changing. The pine forest is beautiful, my favorite part.

You mean Congress closed our trails.

You mean Congress closed our trails.

Thomas E. Tidwell Chief of the US Forest Service, signature is on the National Closure order.  He serves at the pleasure of the POTUS.  aka, President of the United States.


The sign posted on that gate is not a legal Forest Order to close anything.


The conservative Republicans are working to reduce out of control spending by our Federal Government.  Sadly the Establishment republicans, aka leadership or RINO's (Republicans In Name Only). Are working with democrats to continue uncontrolled Federal spending. 

Let me think about this a second, zig.


I was born and raised in MI


I'm retired mil.


Obama can go...well you know (100% filter right there).


Then all I can say is, "RIGHT ON, zig!!"

Try shutting down this trail BO .... This is where I go to to disrespect the libs and mind my own buisness . What a joke this country is becoming . Thank god for motorcycles !


That's awesome. I'm amazed its still shutdown, the government that is

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They shut down all national parks but re open the national mall so a bunch of illegals can speek of how they deserve to be a citizen at the same time turning away WW 2 vets from seeing there fallen comrades .... What a joke this administration is. All about complete control over everything ! Killing the economy is all this president knows how to do . BO wants your freedom....

What I find stupid, is why close something that isn't manned by a live person anyways? I get that the bathroom might not get cleaned, but close a trail?  Dumb-asses.

Callin' it your job George sure don't make it right.


Anything for 3 hots and a cot, right?





For Immediate Release: Oct 15, 2013
Contact: Kirsten Stade (202) 265-7337


Open Letter Calls for Reforms to Prevent Future Closures Urges Public to Direct Anger at Congress to Force Parks Reopening

Posted on Oct 15, 2013  | Tags: NPS



Washington, DC — Nowhere have the flashpoints of the current government shutdown played out so prominently than in our national parks. With most of the National Park Service (NPS) staff furloughed, the remaining law enforcement rangers are left with the distinctly unpleasant task of policing closures.

The National Park Ranger Lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police has asked Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER) to post its open letter to the public. We are happy to do so:

“In recent days, media coverage regarding the actions of NPS rangers has been less than flattering. The image of a United States Congressman yelling at a Park Ranger -- doing her job as she was directed -- was shameful.


Park Rangers are being assigned tasks that, at minimum, are an inconvenience to the public and that often deprive the public of their access to Federal lands and facilities.

Closing National Parks is against our nature. The reason we became Park Rangers and love our profession is because we enjoy welcoming people from around the world to our national treasures, and providing for safe and enjoyable visits to these sites, while leaving them protected for future generations.


However, there is a law governing government shutdowns, the Anti-Deficiency Act. Over the decades, multiple administrations have implemented closures under this law. We are unaware of any injunction or other court-issued document that has ever overturned the government’s authority in these matters. For those who believe they have standing, we urge you to seek legal remedies in court if you believe NPS actions to close park facilities to be illegal. Life would be much easier for us if the parks were open.


Without any contrary court findings or changes in the law, we will carry on with this miserable, thankless, and pay-less task denying public access to parks during the government shutdown. Although our actions too often make sensational news stories and fodder for pundits -- they are supported by precedent and legal guidance from government lawyers, under laws we are sworn to enforce.


Instead of being angry with the messengers, we hope the public complains loudly and often to their elected representatives who caused this mess -- it's not the National Park Service or the rangers and employees, who are always here to serve the public. This situation was preventable, and should be fixed. The same holds true of those in the media who sensationalize and incorrectly report on our actions, blaming those who enforce the law rather than advocating for needed changes in the laws. The American people and our international visitors deserve better.


We hope that in the aftermath of this, laws are put in place to eliminate such closures.


Joseph de Maistre wrote, ‘Every nation gets the government it deserves.’ We hope you contact your elected officials and those in the media and express your opinion so we don't have to go through this nonsense in the future.


Thank you,

George Durkee
Ranger Lodge, Fraternal Order of Police

Why don't they make thoughs forest workers be a little more pro active and snuff out all the pot farms the dam border bro's are growing in the national parks and federal lands. The stupid tree huggers and advocates for the critters that aren't much more than varmit food are grabbing land and would send us riders all to hell if it weren't for our tax dollars.

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LOL  as you figured it's called " bolt cutter budget fix"

Naa , it's called the Jarvis wall hop :)

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