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I learned another lesson today about not charging blindly into water holes! Turns out there was a very deep drop off in it and I pretty much played U boat captin with my bike. Air box filled with water as well as the cylinder and exhaust. Totally liquid locked the bike. After a bit of time I managed to get the water out and the motor turning over. After more time I got it started.....had to let it idle with choke on (only way it would run) and before long it was running like it was before the swim. Is there anything I need to check besides changing oil and the other obvious things like bearings and electrical connections?


I dunked my bike in a deep water hole today and filled the air box, the exhaust and the cylinder with water resulting in a liquid locked engine. I got the water out and the motor to finally crank, and eventually did get it started. After awhile it was running just like it was before the swim. Besides the obvious oil change and and bearing there anything else I should look into?? Also, before the swim, we had been riding in a creek and a couple of time something got wet and the bike would stall out. Can anyone point me in the direction as to what might be getting wet and killing the bike for a  minute or two???


1. Re-route your carb breather hoses up above the carb to prevent 'drowning' of the carb.

2. Cover the back portion of the airbox, if it has been modified, leaving only the top open, so you don't suck in splashed water


how long did you run it after it went swimming? You had oily water in your engine and if youre lucky and didn't run it long or at High rpm's , you may just get away with an oil change or 3.

After it started.....I just let it idle till it ran normally and then maybe another 30 min to get back to truck. I didn't run it real hard.....but I did have a few rather steep hills to get up. I drained the oil today and it was quite milky but measured what came out and it was only 1.25 quarts.

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