New to me TTR230

I'm an old (really old) ex enduro rider, and love torquey little engines....Yes I've had modern 4 strokes, and 2 strokes, lots of 'em, and always come back to small bore 4 stroke "chick bikes" for their sweet usable power that all goes to the ground without any drama or wasted energy: there ain't a lot there, but you get every bit of it translated to forward motion.

 I just got a cherry used TTR230, and think it's just about right for tight trail and mountain riding: great motor, acceptable weight and suspension, and of course it's got that magic button. I can flat foot the ground in those nasty mountain switchbacks, and if I stall it in some rocky, exposed, scary spot I can just push the button and the friendly little thing fires instantly every time.

Should I feel the need for more speed I can always upgrade the suspension, but don't see any need for more motor: horsepower means very little in the real world of trail riding: it's torque that counts the most...

( just my 2 cents worth)

Awesome purchase! What year? And of course we needs photos! I just changed the jets in my 2013 TTR and at least for where I ride I can use 3rd gear a lot of more and not wind out 2nd so much. 

Awesome purchase! What year? And of course we needs photos! I just changed the jets in my 2013 TTR and at least for where I ride I can use 3rd gear a lot of more and not wind out 2nd so much. 

It's a 2011, haven't jetted yet, riding at sea level to 5000', but definitely need to go up on the pilot to get off the choke sooner.

 Still not sure I want to gear it up: loving 2nd and 3rd right now.

Undecided on tires, may go Kenda 270 or trials on rear, will probably wear out the stock knobs first though.

No need for a looks like every other stock one :p

Great bike, just purchased one for my wife to ride but I purchased it from a gentleman who used it for his main bike. After riding it myself I can easily see and understand how this is NOT a girls bike at all, in fact I found myself wanting to get off my yz450f and take her's on some of the trail. Great purchase and  have fun!


Congrats, the 230 is a great bike, it's pretty much the exact same as you describe for me. Long time rider, had lots of big bore and two stroke bikes in the past but I really enjoyed the 05 230 I had. I one upped and got me a mint 2012 230, Added Cycra stealth handgaurds for that hardened enduro look and I just did the rejet, moose dual foam filter and added an FMF pipe and man this thing is the cats meow!! Really torqy and super fun, look forward to every chance I get to ride this thing. Here's mine with the new pipe and hand gaurds, really enjoying it.


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Sweet....I've added bark busters, but been too busy riding the thing to do anything else yet (live in Cle Elum)...

 How is the sound level? I really like how quiet the stock pipe is....sometimes it's necessary to not be heard, if you know what I mean :rolleyes:

I will admit, the FMF is not quiet, sounds like a 450 motocrosser. At first I didn't care much for it but where I ride everyone seems to have a loud aftermarket pipe and it grew on me, now i'm really liking it. :thinking:

Rode some mountain singletrack today, and the little jewel pulled my lazy 195lb carcass around very well, but I will have to do something with the back end very soon: it's harsh over anything sharp. And that hard front tire took me for a ride a couple times, so I'm ordering a Kenda right away...I'm planning to plate the bike so Kenda 270's front and rear are my favorites. This little bike is so good I don't mind spending some bucks for better suspension, I think it just might make it the best tight woods and mountain singletrack bike I've ever had...

Bet there's a lot of nice ridin out your way, the suspension is a bit on the soft side but for the single track woods riding I do its really comfortable. I have this thing as sort of a way to slow myself down, it sets up limitations for me. I was fearless and pushed hard back when I had my 400's and 450's, its time for me to slow down a bit now, got a little boy to look after and don't need to go spatterin myself up. Hoping to get him a TTR50 real soon.



I am also older than dirt (68), retired, and always wanted to get a dirt bike and started riding the mountain roads two years ago... I just did pick up a nice '06 ttr230 that I found in Walla Walla (i'm in Coeur d'Alene). I share your reactions to the bike. I also have a drz-250, which is a good bike but a bear for me to get around the tight switchbacks and pretty top heavy to get upright once it goes over.. The ttr is much more 'user friendly' on the trails. My bike came with a skid plate and bark busters. Think twice about the FMF muffler, I put one on my drz and found it just had too much 'bark'... after a hour on the bike, it drove me nuts. Might be an age thing, but I have since put the original muffler back on the bike. 



Glad you're enjoying your 230. I recently picked one up for a first bike. I've uncorked it to some extent but for me I have trouble getting the front wheel up and over stuff past second gear even while hanging my butt over the rear fender. Not enough poop for my 200lbs (+40lbs of gear, water and extra fuel I suppose). Not at all a problem on my friends Beta 525 RR.


Interestingly I still run the stock pilot and I've always been able to take it off choke as soon as it starts. 

Had the 230 for a while now, and have upped the pilot and main jets, unhooked the stupid throttle return cable, added a headlight and taillight, put a Kenda K270 on the rear, and have been enjoying the bike more than ever....have the Kenda for the front too, just haven't gotten around to putting it on yet...this winter I plan to make it street legal, which is a hassle here in Washington: need turn signals, two mirrors, horn, brake light, etc. etc. etc.

I like the Kenda TrakMaster II (K760?) It's a great off road, well behave on road gnarly looking knobby tire. Be careful though, the max speed is 81 MPH. I don't think your 230 will see any opportunities to spin that fast, but if you put the tire on something bigger, you should be aware of it.


I also put a YFM225 piston in our 225. Check to make sure the wrist pin is the same size, but I'm nearly positive it'll drop into your 230 just as easy. It's a 10.25:1 compression piston over the 9:1 stocker.

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