Lost Coyotes dual sport ride So. Calif.

Oct 27th 2013 the lost Coyotes will hold a one day dual sport ride out of Riders Choice in Lancaster Calif. Its an easy 120 mile ride in the Caif.desert.$35.00 entry, Rollchart only, no GPS. Adv. bikes welcome.Sign ups, Sat. 3PM and Sun. till 8AM.

Have a link with more info or to a flyer?

Is a roll chart required?

Size of group?

% of Tarmac?



From what I found online thus far, roll charts are required (sucks cause I've never used one :bonk:) and gas break is at 75 mile mark. Can't find much more info and tried calling two different numbers listed on different sites for the ride but so far no answer.

Camping and sign up will be off ave I. Go past 23rd st. and stay on ave I. In about 300 yards you will see a large vacant lot with a black fence and open gate. And of course some motor homes.

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