Making a 13 rmz250 start easier?

Hi guys

Wondering if there's any mods or things you can do to make a 13 rmz250 start easier, I don't have a problem starting it usually the only time I do is when I stall it when it's hot or when I crash and the bike is dropped on it side for a bit, The amount of time I waste trying to start the thing I loose lots of position in the Enduro sprints I race in, I'm tempted just to buy a KTM just for this reason but if I can find a solution ill kept my rmz

Or I just don't crash haha but that impossible :p

Wondering if you could map the bike to start easier or something?

It's a four stroke.. they all do this at times. Some more difficult than others.. try kicking the bike using absolutely no throttle..

Kick once softly to charge the magneto.. then second kick, is performed at top dead center.. also known as TDC.

If your bike still having difficult time, then check valves

Thanks for that slowgs

I guess when I'm buggered on the bike I don't really think about my kick stating method I just do little kicks cause I'm to tired to to big ones, Ill keep that in mind

When I riding usually I have no trouble

But I still wish it was easier.....

What I wish it would do is start in gear with one big kick all the time

Use the hot start. Polish the clutch pusher rod and torque basket/hub to lighter torque for less distortion. I run Hinson clutch kit. With these mods and and msr easy pull lever I can push my bike in gear. It starts first kick everytime. Mapping will also help. Having valves adjusted correctly helps the most. If the valve lash isn't right the decompress or will either work too good or not enough. To get these things to be a 1 kicker,unfortunately gotta get hands dirty and dig into it. Good news is it can be done! Also a reklise core exp complete clutch really is stall proof on these bike. Dont get the z start or just the exp disk. They suck

Thanks AC717!

I'm so happy now thanks for that info, I'm defiantly going to try that, It'll save me thousands cause ill be happy with my bike and keep it

So the clutch that your saying is the best is the Rekluse core exp 2.0?

Yes. I had just the exp 2.0 disk. It slipped too much and took the snap from the bike. Positive was it was literally stall-proof. Sent it back. Got a z-start pro from TT member. Z-start pro was great,but it takes more time to get perfect. You have to get the gap,spring and balls just right for auto clutch nirvana.once tuned z-start is awesome,but Idont like the light lever feel. So,I got the full core exp-thing is perfect for me. Hooks up like a standard clutch and feels just like a standard clutch,yet bike will never stall. After I start my bike,unless I hit the kill switch-the motor is completely stall proof. The z-start-if you really whack the throttle and slam on the can stall,but it may have been my setup. I'm selling the z-start pro $200 and its yours. Otherwise it going to eBay. For a MX bike in the woods-jetting/mapping,good valve maintenance,good fuel and filter,oil and a good clutch are a must.

Sounds like heaven haha

Thanks for the offer but I think Ill stick to the full core exp 2.0 just cause I'm not that mechanically mines to mess around with a thing like that....

This clutch will be awesome I can hit logs now and the bike won't stall like it always has

Another thing I'm going to do for my bike is by a ride engineering bracket so I can buy the Honda steering dampner and put it on my bike an then get it revalved for my needs and the last thing I'm gonna so is buy a ride engineering lowering link for better tracking through sand whoops

but why run a core exp when this bike VERY rarely stalls to begin with??!!

Mines horrible, My idle is set at 36 clicks out

Anybody with a 13 rmz 250 or 450 should contact your dealer. suzuki has a bulletin out and you can get a 14 ecu for free which makes bike start easier..

What's the link to the bulletin

Really!! Thanks for that

What's the link?

Yes. It is true-you have to contact dealer,give vin number,take bike in and they will determine if bike needs ecu update. Unfortunately they won't just give you an ecu. If you say you don't have issue-they won't do anything. They are worried about "kick-back" if the bike is kick started and not at tdc. It should aid in starting,but if you Dont have issue you probably won't benefit.

Awesome I'm going to ring my dealer and give it a shot :)

Do you know if it its offerered in Canada I know sometimes they differ from country to country with recall

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