2007 WR250 Oil weight

Looking for help with optional oil weights.  2007 WR250F - The Yamaha shop manual specifies 10W-50.  I'm running Yamalube semi-synthetic.  I'm changing oil/filter appx every six hours.


Could I run 10W-40 full synthetic (which is more readily available)?  Trail riding in Minnesota during the spring/summer/fall months.



Yes, you can.

Just use oil made for your motorcycle engine that has the clutch inside of it (not automobile oils with friction modifiers).

i would REALLY like to see your manual that says 10w50.  because nowhere in the graph on page 2-2 (or thereabouts) does it even show 10w50.  just 10w30,10w40,15w40,20w40 and 20w50


i see you are in MN and can tell you this:  run 15w40 in the summer (like Shell Rotella T) and if you are riding in the winter use 0w30 castrol syntec

Thanks very much for both of your replies. I really appreciate your time.


I'm looking at my "Yamaha Owner's Service Manual WR250FW" right now...page 2-1 under "Oil type or grade:".  It says for USA & Canada:

  • Yamalube 4-R: 10W-50 from 10 degrees F to 130 degrees F
  • Yamalube 4:     20W-40 from 50 degrees F to 110 degrees F
  • Yamalube 4:     10W-30 from 10 degrees F to 70 degrees F

So that's why I'm currently going with the 10W-50 ... it's semi synthetic and covers the wides temp range.  It seems that if I run a 10W-30 or 10W-40 it wouldn't cover a broad temp range.  And I can't get the same answer from two dealers.

Back some years, Yamalube 4R semi-synthetic was sold in a 10W-50.

maybe thats one of the differences in the wr manual.

i only look at the yz manual and i just looked at the '03,05,06 and 07 and all are the same.

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