Zach Bell


Whatever happened to that hot rookie Zach Bell, if he didn't crash he was fast...

Ive seen him pile drive live,

Dude is fun to watch.

just taking a break from racing for now, he will be back in 2014...maybe, depends if he crashes

He got hurt getting ready f or the outdoors. 

he will be hurt his entire career,

he is Mr Overmyheadbut&%$#@!it.




He's legit, he just needs t o get his body strong enough to go as fadt as he can go. 

Ive seen him pile drive live,

Dude is fun to watch.

The guy definitely has some major impact skills. Even Stewart is envious....

He's like those sheep dogs, can't see since no one bothers to trim those brows.....

Needs some muscle mass to keep him in control of his bike.  He was/is fun to watch.

I thought the comparison to Stewy was a good one.

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